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indoor led display outdoor led display {Fényújság / Fényreklám}

Name : Outdoor led display p 16
Best view distance : 55m
Mark : SBC
Certificate : CE,RoHS,Fcc



Pixel pitch                                            16mm

Size of module                                     256mm x 128mm

Pixel density                                        3906 dot / m²

Brightness                                            6800CD / m²

LED Encapsulation                                DIP

Horizontal view angle                          > 140°

Vertical view angle                              > 120°

Life                                                       100000 hours

Average power                                     400 W / m²

Weight / Module                                   35 kg

Display colors                                       4.4 trillion color

Refresh rate                                          3000Hz / S

Driving mode                                        Constant current static

Working temperature                           -20°----  +60°C

Size of cabinets                                    1024mm x 768mm

Input signal                                          Data DVI up to UXGA, SDI, HD-SDI, S-video, composite, YUV 

Failed LED rate                                     <0.0001

Quality certification                             ETL, CE, TUV, FCC class A 





SBC'outdoor full-color LED display screen P10,P12,P14,P16,P18,P20,P25,P31.25 is processed by special technology,it can be guaranteed that each row and every line of the LED lamps are in a straight line,the tubes location of adjustment in production process without artificial,which guarantee a uniform radiation of LED display,"black hole"phenomenon will not appear.In the production process,we have adopted a comprehensive anti-static measures,which blocked the static damage on the LED lamp, greatly reduced the rate of blind lights. At present, the rate of blind LED lamps of our outdoor full colour LED display could be controlled to 0.01%.  
After years of cooperation business, SBC has built up strategic cooperation relationship with CREE,COTCO and NICHIA (Note: CREE is the world leading LED chip manufacturer of United America. COTCO is now a subsidiary of CREE, also it is a professional LED lamps encapsulation manufacturer.NICHIA is a worldfamous leading LED chip developer and manufacturer,also a professional LED lights and  LED  lamps encapsulation manufacturer), and become one of the VIP customers of CREE and NICHIA.
In order to guarantee good product quality,SBC would like to recommend our customers to adopt COTCO CREE or NICHIA LED lamps,because of  we have set up strategic cooperation relationship with above mentioned secure suppliers,we could classify the led lamps  according to its quality degree when purchasing.  Thus,  the light split rate of each of our led display screen could be controlled less than 1:1.5,that means, for any 2 of LED lamps, their light difference are less than 15%,so that ensure the equal of brightness and colour of LED display screen.In addition, comparing  with the other company's outdoor full colour LED display screens, SBC products have the following advantages:
1. SBC's outdoor full-color irrigation by the full use of imported silica gel, which make our products in the waterproof, resist-freeze, bear high temperatures in superior;
2. SBC's outdoor full-color passed waterproof and dust-proof test, the protection level can reach IP65;
3. SBC's outdoor full color SMD LED display passed the temperature endure test of Shenzhen Measurement and Quality Testing Institution,it result within the range of-25℃--75℃, SBC's indoor full color SMD LED display are working normally.
4. SBC's module of the outdoor full-color screen is to strengthen by cross, compression and strong, no deformation, the display cabinet formation of a better;
5. SBC's outdoor full-color cabinet' top sliding plate, the bottom of a sliding trough, but also matching lock box set it can fine-tune on the gap ensure that the entire surface of screen smoothness
6. Applied widely in advertising, sports, factories and mines enterprises, transport, railway stations, wharves,airports, construction, and education systems and other public places.



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