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indoor led display outdoor led display {Fényújság / Fényreklám}

Name : Indoor led display p 7.62
Best view distance : 26m
Mark : SBC
Certificate : CE,RoHS,Fcc


Indoor led display
    For the production of high quality products to meet customer demand, we introduced a package of SMT production lines and special equipment, optimizing the SMD 3-in-1 Surface Mount Technology, achieve the assembly of high density, small size of electronic products, light weight, Patch Components of the characteristics of small size.

Comparing with other company's indoor full color SMD LED display,SBC LED display has the following advantages£º
    1.SBC's indoor full color SMD LED display passed the temperature endure test of Shenzhen Measurement and Quality Testing Institution,it result within the range of-25--75,SBC's indoor full color SMD LED display are working normally.
    2.The cabientsof SMD LED display are made of certain Aluminum Alloy die-casting material (A special transformable Aluminum).This is the innovative technology in LED industry, however,the other factories are adopting iron cabinets or welded Aluminum boards. Moreover, our display cabinets have the special hanging function structure,especially suit for rent.
    3.SBC's indoor full-color SMD using kit form, no gap between the box and the PCB board, therefore, transportation, installation will not be damaged the PCB board.
    4.SBC's quality management is strictly in accordance with standards of operating guide of Germany. Our Indoor full-color SMD led display in the annual rate of blind spot can be controlled in less than0.0001%.
    5.Any 2 LED lights of SBC's indoor full-color led display screen,their brightness difference is less than 15%, thus ensure the uniform of the display's brightness and colour , thus the phenomenonof " Splash" and "dazzling "," Mosaic "and fuzzy will not arise.
    6.SBC LED display screen passed the China CEPREI Labortory test, with accord 73/23 / EEC, 89/336/EEC, 93/68/EEC standards, and acquired the CE, FCC, UL, ROHS certificates.
    7.LED screen are widely used in stations, landing, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, tax, industry and commerce,telecommunications, banking, securities market, construction market, auction houses, industrial enterprises in management and other public places.



Pixel pitch                                7.62mm

Size of module                         244mm x 122mm

Pixel density                            17222dot / m²

Brightness                                2000 CD / m²

LED Encapsulation                   SMD

Horizontal view angle              > 140°

Vertical view angle                  > 120°

Life                                           100000 hours

Average power                        300 W / m²

Weight / Module                       22.5 kg

Display colors                           4.4 trillion color

Refresh rate                              3000Hz / S

Driving mode                            1 / 2  scan

Working temperature               -20°----  +45°C

Size of cabinets                        768mm x 576mm

Input signal                               Data DVI up to UXGA, SDI, HD-SDI,

Failed LED rate                          <0.0001

Quality certification                  ETL, CE, TUV, FCC class A



East China Institute of Technology project P7.62 led display 

Project Location: East China Institute of Technology
Product Specifications: KU26A
Item Size: length 2.88m * hight 2.112m = 6.09 sqm 
Screen Quantity: 1 pc
Completion time: August 13, 2008


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